Illustration projects

Animation projects

Patient information/education project.

In a series of 12 medical animations, diagnostic procedures and different treatment alternatives for Breast Cancer are visualized and described.

Instructing 3D animation.

Six medical animations were produced for Medistim concerning the use of their flow probes. The animations are used and commented by Medistim sales personnel during meetings with customers. Watch one of them below.

Instructive 3D medical animation.

A project for Zimmer visualizing knee replacement procedure using Zimmer instruments. Twelve animations are used in a multimedia educational concept, developed in collaboration with Zimmer, to instruct surgeons and surgical personnel in a knee replacement procedure. Watch one of them below.

Teaching medical 3D animation.

Produced for Medistim to explain the transit time flow principle in their flow probes.

Marketing 3D animation.

A proctoscope is presented using embedded explaining text.